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The best ally in medical tourism Abundiss Services

We provide an ecosystem of services, focused on helping companies and entrepreneurs to develop and grow their businesses.

We are a provider of integral solutions that will allow you to build, structure and grow your business with an approved methodology and with all the services that are required in the process.

How do we do it?

We work through awareness , we believe that if you are aware in all aspects of your life, you will have the key to success and this awareness is also applicable in business; We guide companies and entrepreneurs to consciously understand what their business needs, why, at what time and in what way.

In order to work through consciousness, we developed the Abundiss Method , a simple but robust methodology with a structure that will allow you to develop and grow any business

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The Abunidss Method applied to medical tourism

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Why venture into Medical Tourism?

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Our clients

Get started in the medical tourism business with Abundiss

You currently direct all the resources and efforts of your business to reach the local patient (patients in your city). So the first step will be to migrate that business model to one of medical tourism.


Make a brand reengineering, to transform your business model to one of medical tourism.

Make a rebranding that represents your new business model.

Update all your networks and platforms to represent your new business model in the languages ​​of your new potential customers.


business developments

Consulting + Engineering + Marketing + Branding

Consulting + Engineering + Marketing + Branding



Development with a 100% responsive, professional and tailor-made design.

Desarrollo de software y apps

Empieza a vender en línea con nosotros, ya sea en tu propio sitio o en Amazon, eBay o Mercado Libre. Tú eliges.


Conviértete en el #1 en Google. Te ayudamos a posicionarte con técnicas avanzadas de SEO y evaluaciones integrales a tu sitio web.

Auditoría web y SEO

Conviértete en el #1 en Google. Te ayudamos a posicionarte con técnicas avanzadas de SEO y evaluaciones integrales a tu sitio web.

Web hosting

No importa el tamaño de tu aplicación o sitio web, contamos con diversidad de servidores.



Trae tu idea de negocio y conviértela en una marca con nosotros.

Identidad corporativa

Dale vida y sentido a tu marca, con una nueva identidad gráfica.


Tenemos soluciones gráficas que van desde un logo, hasta las presentaciones de venta para tus clientes.

Producción multimedia

Confía en nuestro equipo creativo para las fotos, videos o animaciones que llevarán tus servicios a otro nivel.


Plan de marketing y publicidad

Diseñamos el plan perfecto para hacer crecer tu negocio.

Campaña de marketing y publicidad

Ejecutamos los planes para impulsar tu marca con campañas de outbound o inbound marketing.


Atrae más y mejores clientes a través de contenido de calidad. Nosotros lo redactamos por ti, para cualquier formato, plataforma o idioma.

Redes Sociales

Confía en nuestro equipo creativo para las fotos, videos o animaciones que llevarán tus servicios a otro nivel.


Desarrollo de negocios

Emprende con éxito, te acompañamos desde la conceptualización hasta la consolidación de tu negocio.


Ahorra tiempo dejándonos el registro de tu marca o la creación de tu plan de negocios en nuestras manos.

Recursos humanos

Evita rotaciones. Te enseñamos a reclutar, manejar y retener a tu personal eficientemente.

About us

We provide a proven methodology to develop business through awareness that will help you understand the real situation of your business and give you the necessary tools to achieve your goals.


Our Pillars


Provide an entire ecosystem of services and solutions for business development.



To be a leading company in the development of business and technologies that helps the development of humanity through business and consciousness.




Awareness:  We create awareness among our clients so that together with our experts, we can identify their real needs and thus be able to offer them a comprehensive solution that satisfies them 100%.

Honesty:  Conducting ourselves with clarity and coherence at all times has allowed us to earn the trust and recommendation of our clients.

Quality:  We have professionals who are passionate about what they do, our work is guaranteed to be carried out with total meticulousness, always seeking the satisfaction of our client as if it were our own company.

Professionalism:  At Abundiss Services, services are performed with total commitment, respect and work ethic, but above all with great passion that always guarantees compliance with expectations.

The history of Abundiss Services

Founded in 2019 and derived from the vision obtained while in Silicon Valley , Abundis Services was born as a personal project of our CEO and Founder Mario Abundis to help companies and entrepreneurs develop ideas that eventually become businesses, make them grow and thus achieve success on and off the internet through a comprehensive ecosystem of services. We define ourselves as a business development agency, since we are mainly oriented towards helping entrepreneurs and businessmen through awareness, to develop and grow their businesses starting from a WHOLE, that is, making the client aware of the real state of their company so that they can hand in hand with our experts, let us identify a comprehensive and appropriate solution that meets the needs of your business in its entirety.

We are currently a multidisciplinary team of professionals with a passion for what we do , who together create and provide that ecosystem of services that helps in the development of businesses based on a proprietary methodology developed called the Abundis Method , which consists of a method of 6 steps that help us develop customer awareness at the same time that the service is provided and helps us plan and develop any type of business, on any scale from zero to one hundred.

We have more than 15 years of experience in the software development industry in the international market and more than 10 years in the field of business, design, marketing and audiovisual production.


Vision Abundiss 2030

«He who does not live to serve , does not serve to live» Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

Regardless of the economic benefit that could be obtained, the main motivation that led us to undertake this project is to finance the creation of well-being and happiness centers , whose objective is to face the imbalance that humanity currently experiences, providing multiple disciplines. that allow people to recover their balance as human beings, rediscover themselves and others and discover their great potential.

If you have reached this point and have decided to develop your business with us , we are pleased to inform you that you are already part of what we have called Vision Abundis 2030. We appreciate your trust and remember that what we do here is done with the heart. Thank you.


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Abundiss Services Medical Tourism

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